The Westline School

Welcome Message From The CEO

Welcome to The Northline School. This is an institution founded on the principles of quality, virtue, humanitarian attitude, politeness and leadership concerns. The Northline School is the school that goes in line with the west. Here, you can grow intellectually, morally, culturally, and physically. At The Northline School, students can develop respect and tolerance for all others, regardless of religion, race, class, or prejudice. Here, students grow to be the whole person who needs to gain education that prepares them not only for the present time, but also for the future. 

It is always my great honor and pride to work with parents, guardians, and the government in order to develop education sector in Cambodia. I have served as an education administrator and a program developer in both local and international institutions for more than 10 years. All these years of academic experience has brought me great love, care and passion for children, students, and parents; and also great willingness to develop children of Cambodia to be valuable assets for the country.

My dream is to give to Cambodian children the education which is full of quality, virtue and humanitarian. All pupils and students in both English and Khmer programs at The Northline School will be professionally equipped with good knowledge, skills and ability; above all, they will have pleasant and proper attitude; they will become good children, good students, and good citizens for the country. They will help make positive development for the nation.

While some parents have sent their children overseas or to international schools and pay very high tuition and fees in order to receive quality education, I have decided to establish The Northline School which offers the same education quality in Cambodia with very reasonable tuition.

Once again, we extend our warm welcome to students and parents from all places. If you join us, you will find plenty of ways to develop your children; and students will enjoy our learning environment.

Thank you.

Pech Bolene, BEd, MBA.
President and the CEO

English Kindergarten Program

Khmer Academic Program

Adult English Program