The Westline School

Support Service

Students learn best when they receive good care with love, clear orientation from the school in cooperate with students’ parents or students’ guardians. Besides, students also need other supporting services which could make them learn even better. The Westline School provide students with the following supporting services:

1- Comfortable classroom

The large comfortable air-con classrooms can provide enough space for students to sit and play. There are varieties of learning materials in each room including all kinds of puzzle game to improve students’ intelligence.

2- Libraries

In the large comfortable air-con libraries, there are all types of reading books, magazines, research materials, computer with internet access and a lot puzzle games which can help students improve their knowledge. When entering the libraries, students must feel refresh and even happier to see great varieties of learning resource.

3- Computer room

Students from grade up are required to learn the computer skill and the skill in surfing internet.

4- Audio Visual Labs

Students who are studying in English program are required to practice their listening skill and other skills in the school’s well equipped Audio visual labs where they can see and listen to a variety of educational software programs. Audio Visual Labs can provide students with the chance to develop their skills in addition to the skills they have learned inside the classroom.

5- Art, Musical and Drawing

We understand that people with art skill are always gentle and sophisticated with strong communicating with other people. In musical club students will practice using musical instrument such, Guitars, Pianos, Violins, as well as flutes. In addition, Students will also practice Khmer Traditional Dances as well as the Dance from the Western country. Drawing is one of skills that students will learn at the Westline School. Every year after students have done all the major subjects, the school will arrange the Art Contest, Musical contest and Drawing contest.

6- The Canteen

The school canteens do not serve junk food or any food which is harmful to students’ health at all. The School only serves snack, refreshment soft drink, breakfast and lunch to all students, except young kids whose ages are below six-year old. We recommend that the kids’ parents or guardians prepare food, fruit and drink which is not harmful to the kids’ health. Our staff and Teachers will reserve comfortable and hygienic eating room for your kids.

7- Playground

For all learners, especially young learners, their learning cannot be cut off from playing at all. Fun learning is the key to successful learning outcome. The school’s playground was designed with attractiveness and high security. There are swings, slides, playing house, bridge and other playing tools which could entertain your kids with great happiness.

8- Medical services

In the school there is a room to provide medical care which can provide students with first-aid rescue in case there is incident occurred, the school will immediately contact to the student’ parents or guardians to come and collect their kid home. In case of emergency and the school cannot contact to student’s parents or guardians, the school will take the kid to the nearby hospital while the payment is the responsibilities of the parents or the guardians. 

9- Sport Program

Sport activities are the outdoor important activities are assigned by different ages and genders. All sport activities are basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, and table tennis.

10- Study Tour

All the end of every term, the school assign the study tour activity to different tourist destination to improve their general knowledge and promote their networking, communication, and to create the unity attitude for everyone of them.

11- Stduent Development Club

All students who attend in Khmer general knowledge and general English program will be offered the opportunity to join in different activities Football club, Basketball club, Badminton club, Art club, English speaking club, and Science club.

12- Transportation Service

Our school provide the transportation service with air conditioning and limited seats in every school van. There is a school assistant in the school van to take care of the students.

13- Drinking Water

Our school offers free drinking water to the students who come and eat in our canteen. Some snacks are not sold for kids under 6 years old for health purpose.

14- Humanitarian Activities

Humanitarian activities are always consisted in our board members, management teams, staff and all students. Every year humanitarian activities are assigned by our schools to involve our students, guardians and parents in sharing culture with orphans, poor community, elderly people and the disabled who are in deed need help. 

Our school will create the humanitarian activity project called Foundation for Orphan and Poor Children (FOPC). This foundation can be involved by the school representatives, parents and students. It has a mission to do the fund raising activity from donors to create the opportunity to privde the proper education for the orphans and poor children.

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