The Westline School

School Calendar

English Programs

August 05, 2013 – October 25, 2013: Y6T1
November 04, 2013 – January 24, 2014: Y6T2
February 03, 2014 – April 25, 2014: Y6T3
May 05, 2014 – July 25, 2014 : Y6T4

Khmer Programs

August 01, 2013 – January 25, 2014 : KAP Semester 1
February 03, 2014 – July 19, 2014 : KAP Semester 2

2013 – 2014 Academic Calendar

August 2013

01st  Khmer Academic Program (Semester 1) Starts

05th  English Kindergarten, YLP and AEP Program (Term 1) Start



September 2013

09th-13th Mid-term English Programs for YLP and AEP (Term 1)

24th Constitutional Day*




October 2013

01st  Khmer Program, New Academic Year Celebration

03rd – 05th Pchhum Ben Days *

15th Commemoration Day *

14th–25th Final Exam English Programs (Term 1)

23rd Paris Peace Agreement Days *

26th English Programs (Term 1) End

26th & 28th Parent-Teacher Conference for English Programs

Oct. 28th – Nov. 01st English Programs (Term 1) Break*

29th King Norodom Sihamoni Coronation day*

November 2013

04th English Kindergarten, YLP, and AEP Program (Term 2) Start

9th Independence Day*

16th –18th Water Festival Ceremony *


December 2013

02nd Club Contest for Khmer Primary Program & Young Learner Program Start

09th - 13th Mid-term English Program for YLP and AEP (Term 2)

10th International Human Rights Day*


January 2014

01st International New Year day*

07th Victory on Genocide Day*

13th – 24th Final Exam English Programs (Term 2)

15th –25th Khmer Academic Program Semester 1 Examination

25th English Program (Term 2) and Khmer Academic Program Semester 1 End

27th – Feb 02nd English Program Term Break*

27th – Feb 02nd Khmer Academic Program Breaks *


February 2014

03rd English Kindergarten, YLP and AEP Program (Term 3) Start

03rd Khmer Academic Program (Semester 2) Starts

08th - 09th School Fair for All Programs

15 thParent-Teacher Conference for Khmer Program

25th Meak Bochea Day *

March 2014

02nd First Annual Teacher Forum for Khmer Academic Program

03rd - 07th Mid Term English Programs for YLP and AEP (Term 3)

08th International Women’s Day*

15th Field Trip for Khmer & English Program


April 2014

14th to 16th Khmer New Year*

21st – 25th Final Exam English Program (Term 3)

25th English Programs (Term 3) End

26th-29th Parent-Teacher Conference for English Programs

April 27th – May 03rd English Programs (Term 3) Break*


May 2014

01st International Labor Day*

03rd Term Break Second Annual Teacher Forum for AEP Program

05th English Kindergarten and YLP and AEP Program (Term 4) Start

.........Royal Plowing Festival *

13th- 15th King Sihamoni’s Birthday*

June 2014

01st International Children’s Day

02rd Club Contest for Khmer Secondary Program and Adult English Program Start

09th - 13th Mid-term English Program for YLP and AEP (Term 4)

18th Visak Bochea Day*

18th Queen Norodom Monineath Sihnouk’s Birthday*

16th - 28th Khmer Academic Program Semester 2 Examination

July 2014

14th – 25th  Final Exam English Programs (Term 4)

19th Khmer Academic Program Ends

26th - August 02nd English Programs (Term 4) Break *

27th Certificates and Awarding Ceremony

30th First Teacher Forum for Kindergarten and YLP Program




  • * There will be no classes on these days.
  • Some of the dates in 2014 have yet to be advised. 
  • YT: Year, Term;
  • YS: Year, Semester;
  • AEP: Adult English Program, KAP: Khmer Academic Program, YLP: Young Learner Program



English Kindergarten Program

Khmer Academic Program

Adult English Program